Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Bellomy is becoming a transformative market research company. We expect significant growth in the next 3-10 years. To plan effectively for that growth, we seek individuals who desire a career in “insights” with a “marketing” mindset. Specifically if you have interests in:

Artificial Intelligence on an Analytical Insights Team

Join the Bellomy team developing AI approaches to analyze data and create modern experiences for our clients’ customers. Bellomy has market-leading expertise in helping our clients match their products, customer experience and messaging to customer needs.

  • Build on Bellomy’s patent-pending adaptive survey orchestration system. Design AI-driven survey tools that learn to ask the best questions depending on the situation.
  • Build on Bellomy’s digital property research, design and execution capabilities. Design AI-driven applications to optimize marketing messages.
  • Build on Bellomy’s CX measurement and management platform. Design AI-driven tools to enhance the customer experience.
  • Advocate for the critical importance of ethics in AI applications.
  • Lead omnichannel applications to optimize customer interactions.
  • Contribute to sustainable innovation.

Come help us build the AI solution at Bellomy.

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