Increase empathy for consumers, increase business for you

Matt Gullett | February 19, 2019

Enterprises that exhibit and practice empathy for their customers and prospects experience increased sales, loyalty, and referrals. Think about the last time an employee solved a problem for you, or a business gave you an impressive customer experience. The next time you required service, or the next time you heard that a friend was looking for that service, was that company the first one that popped into your head? 

When you have a positive experience with a company, particularly an interaction that makes you feel understood and respected - you're likely going to remain a customer, and encourage others to be customers too. On the other hand, an enterprise that doesn't give the impression of empathy can lead to a bad customer experience, and decreased loyalty.

How can you know what kinds of experiences your customers are having, and therefore where encouragement or improvements are needed within your business? The unstructured data that arises from consumer activities like posts, emails, chatbots, and comments can be the key to unlocking the secrets of what drives consumer sentiment, emotional responses and loyalty. 

Technology meets psychology 

The Bellomy text analytics tool is designed to increase corporate-consumer empathy with these features: 

Advanced sentiment classification model

Text analytics can standardize emotions and identify intensity, allowing us to uncover the underlying sentiments that drive those written or verbal survey responses. Our advanced sentiment classification model delivers higher-than-industry-standard accuracy enabling us to more easily identify opportunities for improvement and to hone business strengths.

Advanced emotional expression classification model

Utilizing Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions as our basis for emotional modeling, our advanced emotional expression classification model enables deeper understanding of the emotions consumers are experiencing. This more nuanced understanding is critical to fine tuning business workflows and practices that improve business-consumer interactions.

Employee soft skills identification model

Employee interactions with customers are one of the most crucial tools to building loyalty, repeat business, referrals and increased revenues. Our employee soft skills model enables rapid identification of of consumer-employee encounters that need to be reviewed. From coaching employees for improved outcomes to rewarding positive outcomes, this model enables meaningful business actions that can have tremendous ROI.

Content actionability model

When consumers make cries for help, identify safety concerns or announce legal concerns, businesses must take action to recover the customer relationship, re-establish safe operations or head-off legal struggles. Our content actionability model identifies these scenarios without the need for custom-built topic models or complex searches.

Easily take meaningful action

Each of these built-in models takes an empathetic approach to business-consumer interactions. Our sentiment classification model uses an ensemble of analytic techniques to tailor classifications to real consumer sentiment. 

Instead of attempting to stretch sentiment into sentiment intensity, we built the emotional expression model that detects nuanced emotional expressions buried in consumer text. These emotional expressions are often major drivers of loyalty and future sales. Our tools make it easy to measure that effect and even take action when specific situations are found.

Are your employees having positive interactions with consumers?

Do your employees practice strong or weak interaction skills when working with your customers? You need to know. With the custom text analytics model we have developed you will not only uncover what customers are saying, but be able to use that information to take meaningful action. By discovering more details about these impactful interactions, you can utilize your findings to coach and train employees to build and practice business-critical skills. 

Use text analytics to get in tune with your customers

Interested in hearing more about Bellomy's text analytics tool and how we can help you get meaning out of unstructured data such as comments, social posts and emails? Bellomy's Text Analytics tool takes consumers’ thoughts and feelings from the channels in which they express them and transforms a collection of verbatims into insights that help businesses learn, change and grow. Reach out today to learn more.