social research

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    How to improve survey response quality

    It takes time and effort to design a good survey. Whether you want to get the pulse on a specific touchpoint or understand what drives your consumers to, you want to ensure your survey respondents will provide you with valuable data.
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    Ethical research in usability testing

    The term "ethical research" seems pretty straightforward, so why is it such a contentious topic of conversation among researchers? Just apply what your mother taught you to your research design, right? Well, not exactly.
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    What is a social mention tool?

    When it comes to harnessing the power of social, there are obviously tools involved. The thing that will separate your insights from the rest is how you wield the sword — social mention tool — of your choosing. 
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    What is social monitoring?

    At Bellomy, when we talk about social monitoring, we see it as fairly narrow in scope — focused on a company, brand, product, or campaign. At a high level, social media monitoring is used to assess and quantify the popularity of a brand or company. From our point-of-view social can do so much more than monitoring online conversations.
  • analyzing market research on iPad during COVID-19

    Update on conducting market research during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Since our original post on March 20 assessing survey response rates immediately after the COVID-19 travel ban, we've been closely following response rates and data impacts on several of our trackers, in both the utility and financial services spaces. Now, in Week 6 of the quarantine, we need to know if people have continued responding to survey invitations at the same rate.
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    Two-way communication with consumers during a crisis

    Being able to connect, communicate, and listen to your customers during the next crisis isn’t just a blessing — it’s a strategic imperative. During a time of crisis — pandemic or otherwise — responsible companies have public relations teams that leap into action to implement a prepared crisis communication plan. Many of us have received these messages. We may have sent some out ourselves. I know I have, on both counts.