Data Scientist

Bellomy is becoming a transformative market research company. We expect significant growth in the next 3-10 years. To plan effectively for that growth, we seek individuals who desire a career in “insights” with a “marketing” mindset. Specifically if you have interests in becoming a:

Data Scientist

We are seeking business professionals that collaborate across skills/functions, using their unique skills (programming or data wrangling or storytelling or visualization) to bring together technologies, big data, understanding core business challenges and client understanding of data analysis and mining to solve their problems.

  • Bellomy seeks individuals who deal with large data sets.
  • Bellomy desires scientists who develop routines/algorithms that operate on data in real-time (as it comes in) and not in batches after arrival.
  • Bellomy seeks trained/experienced professionals who make sense of larger/sparser data sets.
  • Bellomy provides the usage of modern toolsets usually cloud-based (AWS tools, IBM Watson, Tableau and others).
  • The Data Scientist in our future will interact with clients at a high level to understand their core business challenges and to help catalog available data to analyze, assess and mine.

If you enjoy bringing this type of discipline to a growing organization that provides insights, then consider reaching out to Bellomy’s Talent Development department. Bellomy would love to talk with you if you are a contractor or if you desire full-time employment.

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