Gen Z Research Panel

Have you been wondering what the newest generation of consumers have to say? We've built a research community exclusively comprised of Gen Z consumers age 13 and up (born in 1997 or after) and they are SUPER EXCITED to tell you what they think! 

Bellomy has been a leader in research communities and panels for over a decade, managing panels for dozens of companies in a variety of industries — from utilities to retail to finance.

We also manage several Bellomy-owned panels that support primary research projects with our consumer insights clients. Our Gen Z panel, "If You Know You Know" is one of these. 

Who Needs Gen Z Research?

We've asked Gen Zers about clothing, electronics, groceries, sustainability, video games, and more! This generation has never heard of myspace, they can't fathom that iphones were born after they were, and their perspectives on social interactions are heavily influenced by social distancing. They're also graduating from high school and college, getting jobs, and expecting more from the companies they choose to endorse with their cash and venmo accounts. What would you like to ask them? 

If you would like to discuss conducting a research project with our Gen Z panel, get in touch.