"If You Know You Know"

That's what the Gen Zers in Bellomy's IYKYK research panel say about getting asked for their advice by brands from all industries. It's a win-win! Companies conduct research to better understand the differences between this generation and the ones before, and Gen Zers get paid to participate in research that influences what companies and brands do next! 

The IYKYK details

Bellomy's IYKYK research community is exclusively made up of the newest emerging generation of consumers.

We define Gen Z as born between 1997 and 2012. (We know nearly every source lists something slightly different, but those are the years we're going with!) We often conduct research projects with the full range of ages within Gen Z, or sometimes projects focus on or exclude Gen Z/Millennial "cuspers." 

Tell us what you know: join IYKYK

Anyone in Gen Z who is at least 13 years old is invited to join the panel. You'll answer a series of questions so we can start to get to know you, then you'll create an account in our panel platform. Anytime there's an activity — an opportunity to earn points that you can cash in for gift cards — we'll get in touch via email or text. 

Conduct research

If you're a business who would like to sponsor research in our Gen Z panel, please tell us more