Open Business Development Position

Senior Business Development Professionals

(who understand the market research business and its role in marketing)

Bellomy Market Intelligence anticipates and seeks to staff for growth. It’s Bellomy’s desire to grow its firm of professional consultants in the intelligence community to support a 30%+ increase in industries served, businesses who seek problem solvers and outstanding client support, and decision-makers who thrive on making smart and intelligent future choices.

As part of Bellomy’s growth plans, Bellomy seeks to hire a team of business developers who:
  • Identify prospects utilizing personal contacts, HubSpot database, lists, LinkedIn, conference attendees/ speakers, website traffic, marketing activities and other entrepreneurial sources,

  • Qualify prospects ensuring the potential Bellomy client fits with Bellomy’s capabilities and long-term relationship mindset, thus meeting aggressive outreach goals, 
  • Engage and foster a dialog process regarding core services, emerging services at Bellomy and services to meet unique client needs,
  • Know the art of getting past gatekeepers in businesses and who do not get discouraged with “No,”
  • Understand the psychology of prospecting and cold calling, realizing that our clients and potential clients are busy and have limited time to explore,
  • Respond to warm leads so quickly that our prospects will wonder HOW Bellomy knew we were contacting/needing them,
  • Enjoy storytelling to prospective clients, and watching them respond to how services and products can help solve client problems and meet client KPIs,
  • Are fearless when faced with competitive pressures. Bellomy business developers understand that Bellomy’s relationship with potential clients (and current clients) are like chain-links, and
  • Enjoy closing the business with clients and entrusting our Sr. Client Managers to care for future needs.

Senior Business Development professionals will thrive embracing Bellomy’s core values and culture, learning new technologies and methodologies in the market research community and enjoying a competitive compensation package that will reward their efforts and results. In addition, Senior Business Development professionals will manage their own portfolios, drive their own results and WIN business with their social and storytelling skills!

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