American Research Horror Stories

Mark Tirrell | October 31, 2018

It’s scary how the marketplace creeps and crawls with agile undead products and services, no? These are the spawn of agile development processes. In the name of “agile” and “iterative” development with “minimal viable products,” where you “test and learn,” product teams put products to market without the benefit of customer insight. They claim doing customer research is too slow for an agile process. So they don’t do it. Because that’s faster, simpler, minimal. More agile. Easy to defend as a “best practice.”

Many of these agile product teams work hard, putting in their sweat and tears, but they leave the blood of the work to customers who must deal with the agile product zombies in their day-to-day lives.

To avoid this undead horror show, consider using Bellomy online panels and communities to ensure customer insight enters your agile product development process. Having customers available for on-tap feedback enables you to move at an agile pace while still injecting the lifeblood of insights into new products and services. No more agile zombies creeping and crawling the marketplace!