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The collective experiences and decisions that shoppers make throughout the path to purchase are valuable for gaining market share.

Whether it’s in-store or online, at the curb, or in their home, we meet shoppers where they are to actively listen to what they have to say about your product — arming you with actionable insights.

Shopper Insights

real people, real reactions

Shopper qualitative is one of our most powerful solutions and includes a variety of techniques conducted by our trained moderators to answer your most critical questions:

  • Where in the store should I place this new product? 
  • What is the optimal way to merchandise this product? 
  • Which packaging option best represents my product on the shelf? 
  • What is the decision hierarchy in purchasing this product? 
  • How can I optimize the category planogram to increase shopability for my brand? 


  • Pre-test Market

    In order to help you make informed decisions on key test markets, we employ a range of techniques to create simulated environments both in-person and online. From mock-shops and in-person shelf sets to virtual shelf sets and eye tracking technology, we ensure our research is thorough and accurate. These methods allow us to gather valuable insights and feedback to inform your market strategies.

  • Test Market

    Using an omnichannel lens, we dive deep into the shopper's experience. Our comprehensive approach includes utilizing our Retail Learning Lab, transaction data analysis, in-store intercepts and observation, pre-recruited shopalongs (online and in-store), secret shops, in-store events/trials, cart cam, eye tracking, and planogram optimization. By immersing ourselves in every aspect of the shopper journey, we are able to provide valuable insights that drive successful marketing strategies and enhance the overall shopping experience for consumers.

  • Post Purchase

    We go beyond traditional methods to uncover what happens once your product lands in consumers' homes. Through innovative techniques like product/sensory tests, in-home usage testing, post-trial interviews, usage diaries, and in-home ethnography/immersive qualitative research, we gain crucial insights into how consumers engage with your product in their daily lives. By delving into consumers' real-life experiences, we provide valuable data that guides product development and marketing strategies that drive brand success.

case study: tapping into in-store behavior for app improvements

A major grocery retailer wanted to identify ways to improve its mobile app. To understand satisfaction, pain points, and gaps in functionality, it needed to observe how customers used the app while in-store.​ 

Using innovative shop-along interviews, we were able to identify areas for improvement and reveal functionality gaps. 

Read more to learn how our innovative approach enabled the retailer to pinpoint specific ways to enhance the user experience of their mobile app and boost customer satisfaction. 

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