golden nest egg in black and white nest
golden nest egg in black and white nest

maximize insights to minimize risk

With ever-increasing client expectations of convenience, security, personalization, and competitive offers in financial products and services, the risk of losing your competitive advantage is intensifying. 

knowledge is currency

Knowing how these changing expectations impact your industry and your business — and how to capitalize on them — is the key to success. 

As an experienced partner who can provide you with fast, affordable, and secure sources of market intelligence, not only can we minimize your risks, we can empower your decisions.

Financial Services

trust is the coin of the realm

Protecting the trust of your stakeholders requires a deep understanding of what they value. Bellomy has more than 45 years of market research experience working with various client-partners — from small-business to Fortune 500, both B2B and B2C — and our Financial Services Team has deep industry experience with end-client and distribution system audiences.

We know that trust is the most crucial of all assets in Financial Services, and strengthening the trust of your key constituents is the driving force behind all we do.

serious security

Security is our highest technological priority. Our comprehensive data security program allows you to stay focused on your core objectives.

  • Financial Advisor Community (FAC)

    Bellomy's robust and brand-neutral FAC online research panel includes 1,000 U.S. financial advisors. With over a decade of operation, our full-service team manages all aspects, enabling you to focus on your business.

  • marketing campaign evaluation

    Are your marketing initiatives successfully meeting your objectives? We’ll assess effectiveness and impact to ensure you’re hitting your target.

  • brand positioning

    Let’s put our heads together to create a unique space where you stand out from your competitors in the minds of your consumers.

  • technology adoption

    Looking to up your game? Let us assess how well you embrace and integrate new technologies into your operations.

  • nps research

    We can measure your customer loyalty and satisfaction by gauging their likelihood to recommend your products or services.

  • price / plan optimization

    We’ll help you maximize profitability and customer value by refining pricing strategies and service plans.

  • customer experience

    We focus on enhancing your customers' perceptions and satisfaction across all touchpoints.

  • brand reputation

    We help you manage consumer sentiment and perceptions towards your brand based on your actions and image.

  • voice of customer

    Capture and analyze customer feedback to comprehensively understand preferences, expectations, and needs.

Financial Advisor Community image of three smiling advisors

Launched in 2014, Bellomy’s Financial Advisor Community is among our most robust and longest-running online research panels. Available for both quantitative and qualitative engagements, the FAC is brand-neutral and comprises approximately 1,000 U.S. financial advisors. Our full-service team manages every facet of the FAC, allowing you to focus on the business at hand. 

Recent FAC topics include:
•    cryptocurrency
•    alternative investment vehicles
•    advising on philanthropic giving
•    understanding nextgen advisors and investors
•    emerging technologies


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case study: prioritizing the development of a new product

A FinTech firm sought to launch a new product for financial advisors but needed to understand which features were most valuable and how to bundle them effectively. Using a choice-based conjoint exercise and leveraging our Financial Advisor Community, Bellomy gathered crucial insights from financial advisors to generate a clear product roadmap prioritizing the most important features. 

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