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In today’s digital landscape, there are more channels than ever for consumers to share feedback. This sort of information can be extremely valuable to businesses with the ability and capacity to collect, analyze and draw insights from it. But it can also be fragmented, challenging to contextualize, and difficult to understand comprehensively.

The solution? A central, dedicated space to connect with a population of consumers on a regular, long-term basis about topics, issues, and ideas.

Online research communities and online research panels offer companies efficient pathways to gather insights and foster connections with their core consumers.

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Online research communities and panels deliver fast and valuable insights into customer attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making processes, enabling your business to quickly adapt, refine, and launch new products or services as well as improve customer experience.

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For over 15 years, Bellomy has been building and maintaining custom online proprietary panels and communities to create the flexibility you need for fast, strategic insights.

Bellomy panels and communities are supported by a team of market research specialists, including a dedicated manager, to maximize the value of your investment. They are:

  • continuously refreshed
  • supported by the highest levels of security to protect you and your members
  • designed for both qualitative and quantitative engagements
  • integrated with the Bellomy Research Cloud for ongoing analysis and reporting to identify and communicate clear, actionable insights

You can learn more about the many benefits of an online panel or community in our blog.


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Online research communities and online panels represent endpoints of a respondent interaction continuum from which a full spectrum of information can be collected. 

By definition, an online community is a space for free interaction among like-minded individuals. It typically revolves around a specific brand or service and leans toward yielding deep, qualitative insights.

An online research panel, on the other hand, is a structured environment geared predominantly towards large-scale quantitative data collection. It focuses on surveys and limits members' interaction to decrease bias.

While there are distinctions to be made between communities and panels, and plenty of hybrid solutions exist between the poles, the resulting insights, whether quantitative, qualitative, or a mix of both, yield greater customer centricity.

Regardless of where your needs land on the spectrum, our proven process for building and maintaining panels and communities provides the speed and flexibility your stakeholders require to gather strategic insights and gain a competitive advantage.  

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Our brand-neutral Financial Advisor Community (FAC) consists of 900+ US advisors offering ongoing feedback on multiple topics. Our team handles all FAC aspects for both quantitative/qualitative studies, allowing you to focus on business execution.

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Whether you're not quite ready to invest in a community exclusively for your brand or you need to conduct blind/unbranded research, we offer our clients access to our Bellomy-owned panel for virtual focus groups, in-store shopalongs, qualitative interviews, online surveys, quick polls, and more. 

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We view the panel as our window on the future!

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