bellomy retail metal shopping cart with gold accents
bellomy retail metal shopping cart with gold accents

it's time to reimagine the shopping cart

Shopping landscapes are being radically reshaped by the digital age. Consumers can access a plethora of platforms for researching, browsing, and acquiring products — from online stores to social media and mobile apps. 

personalized shopping is the new normal

E-commerce retailers face tremendous competition from industry giants like Amazon, as well as a growing list of smaller players. Brick-and-mortar retailers live with the challenge of e-commerce competitors. 

In this dynamic landscape, both channels, along with retail associations, need tailored and cost-effective market research and shopper insights to inform leading-edge decision-making. 


here to help keep you in ALL the loops

Staying up to date on a multitude of industry trends in a dynamic market requires focus and diligence.

Armed with extensive experience throughout the shopper journey, the Bellomy team is positioned to help you develop winning strategies for today’s complex and competitive single-channel, multi-channel, and omnichannel retail markets.

  • Customer Panels

    Keep customers on tap with a branded online community for regular quick-turn insights.

  • controlled store testing

    Assess market potential by comparing sales performance and other metrics in test vs. control stores.

  • in-store shop-alongs

    Get into the minds of customers by joining them while they shop.

  • receipt-based surveys

    Continuously capture customer feedback to maintain a pulse on customer satisfaction, quickly address issues, and identify opportunities.

case study: profit growth through expanded appeal

With competition in the retail sector intensifying, a national retailer faced a significant challenge: driving growth by expanding its appeal to new consumer segments.

The key to success lay in deeply understanding the daily habits, style aspirations, and store preferences of these potential customers. How could the retailer crack the code to connect with and captivate new audiences?

Discover how activating a full-service online community unveiled groundbreaking insights and transformed this retailer's approach to merchandise, advertising, and store layout.

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two women shopping in the produce section of Lowes Foods

Developed in partnership with the Wake Forest University School of Business Center for Analytics Impact, the Retail Learning Lab enables global brands to experiment with and gauge the effect of retail innovations in a set of Lowes Foods stores across the Carolinas.

The combined quantitative and qualitative approach — comparing transactional data from test and control stores and capturing customers' sentiments during their shopping journey — allows for valuable insights into new product introductions, store location optimization, and more.

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