phone surveys and interviews for data collection

Telephone surveys can enhance your marketing and user experience research efforts by connecting with a broader group of consumers.

Many companies face the issue of getting a representative sample of their customer base when conducting research. Maybe there's a portion that still prefers spoken phone conversations over digital communications. Or maybe you don't have a complete list of your consumers' email addresses. Phone surveys can be used to fill these gaps in outreach and are another facet of a comprehensive research program. 

Bellomy works with clients to develop long-term, ongoing phone survey programs to support CX goals. 


with Bellomy's telephone survey services, you get:

  • A market research partner with over 40 years of phone interviewing experience that can design and manage your survey for optimal responses and feedback.
  • Up to 300 trained interviewers working from our North Carolina facility to dial and engage with consumers on behalf of your company. 
  • An analysis and distillation of results into an actionable summary of insights and recommendations focused on your larger business objectives.

Bellomy provides full-service support for all of your phone survey and consumer experience research needs.


our method of conducting phone surveys

A dedicated Bellomy account team will collaborate with your stakeholders on business objectives and consult on survey design. Sample management and list processing and cleaning ensures that customers are not over-surveyed and the sample best represents your customer population.

Prior to a full launch, our interviewers will conduct a soft launch and examine survey questions, programming, and data.

At the conclusion of the phone survey, a team of Bellomy data analysts clean and process the results. We will provide you with interview recordings and a report of actionable next steps that address each research objective.


inbound and outbound telephone survey solutions

Get in touch with the portions of your customer base that can't be contacted via email and hear about firsthand experiences they've had with your company.

Extensive training allows interviewers to conduct complex or difficult interviews.

Interviewers are provided background on the client company and specifically trained regarding the overall objectives of the study, sampling and quota concerns, and the details of each questionnaire.

Specific attention is given to open-ended questions, which routinely contain multiple, probing follow-ups. Interviewers are familiarized with the survey topic so that they understand issues that may arise, allowing them to probe in a more informed fashion and without leading the respondent.


data collection

Our team is available to collect data for your project. If you have a need for trained professionals to reach out to your constituents, Bellomy has the resources to act on your behalf. Every interviewer trained on the overall goals and objectives of your data collection needs, as well as the best practices of phone surveying. Every phone call is placed by a human, enabling you to reach cell phones legally. We can securely collect and store your data. 

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