Phone Surveys

Phone surveys and interviews for data collection

Telephone surveys can enhance your marketing and user experience research efforts by connecting with a broader group of consumers.

Many companies face the issue of getting a representative sample of their customer base when conducting research. Maybe there's a portion that still prefers spoken phone conversations over digital communications. Or maybe you don't have a complete list of your consumers' email addresses. Phone surveys can be used to fill these gaps in outreach and are another facet of a comprehensive research program. 

Bellomy works with clients to develop long-term, ongoing phone survey programs to support CX goals. 

With Bellomy's telephone survey services, you get:

  • A market research partner with over 40 years of phone interviewing experience that can design and manage your survey for optimal responses and feedback.
  • Up to 300 trained interviewers working from our North Carolina facility to dial and engage with consumers on behalf of your company. 
  • An analysis and distillation of results into an actionable summary of insights and recommendations focused on your larger business objectives.