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black bag of potato chips

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“Ever-changing” could be the single descriptor for the consumer packaged goods industry: new competitors, expenses, technology, expectations, market channels… Staying on top of all these shifts can feel overwhelming, making opportunities more difficult to spot. 

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From identifying consumer trends and preferences to retaining new customers through personalized strategies, the Bellomy team can offer valuable insights to keep you ahead of the competition.

Offering custom-designed programs that blend qualitative and quantitative methods ensures you receive comprehensive and innovative research solutions tailored to your specific objectives.

Consumer Packaged Goods

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With over 40 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, we have earned our reputation as trusted advisors. It reflects our commitment to innovation and the evolution of our approaches, techniques, and best practices to extract valuable consumer insights that meet your business needs and forward your objectives.

  • controlled store testing

    Assess market potential by comparing sales performance and other metrics in test vs. control stores.

  • awareness + usage research

    Gain understanding of how your brand compares to competitors when it comes to customer knowledge, perceptions, purchase intent, and behaviors

  • quali-quant packaging research

    Quantitative data meets qualitative nuance in a single solution that combines a simulated shelf set exercise, focus groups, and insights technology.

  • multi-pack optimization

    Reveal the combinations that are most likely to succeed in the general market and/or with specific subsets of consumers. 

Excellent client service, responsiveness, and flexibility. The team knows their stuff and are experts in CPG.

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Whether you're a B2B or B2C company, having your own research community or panel can deliver fast insights into the attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making processes of your customers. 

Communities and panels give companies the opportunity to deepen their relationships with their customers and gain a better understanding of what drives purchases and loyalty. The insights they generate can guide companies as they refine and launch new products or services and address improvements to the customer experience. 

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"We know more about our new product offering as a result of the feedback we’ve received in six months from our community than we learned with two-and-a-half years of traditional research for our last product launch."

— Sr. Director/MRD

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