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building brand equity requires brains and brawn

crosstraining for your brand

Just as humans assess their fitness through a variety of vital signs, brand health also requires multiple measures. 

By leveraging brand equity research, we can assess your brand's vitality and market position by examining the reach and quality of customer perceptions and interactions, alongside the level of loyalty and connection your audience feels toward it. Robust sales and progressive profitability are usually indicators of strong brand equity.

Brand Performance

drive brand performance with clear objectives

Through the evaluation of marketing activities, the definition of consumer profiles, and the tracking of consumer behavior, brand equity research yields strategic insights into the hearts and minds of your target customers. With a clear field of vision, it is easier to hit your target of gaining a lasting competitive advantage within your market.

  • holistic understanding

    We take a comprehensive approach to capture all stakeholder perspectives, including customers, employees, and community.

  • data-driven precision

    We focus on data to define the most specific and accurate KPIs for tracking. This includes rigorous data collection, advanced analytics prowess, and synthesis with qualitative interpretation.

  • strategic alignment

    We confirm insights to inform your long-term vision and tactical decisions with the goals of enhancing your reputation, improving performance, and enabling you to continuously adapt in a dynamic market landscape.

case study: better customer understanding, better business outcomes

A 75-year-old family-owned iced tea company wanted to build on its rebranding momentum by better understanding its consumers and market.

Applying a quant-to-qual approach, including a nationwide survey, virtual focus groups, and social listening, Bellomy developed a holistic strategy that provided deep consumer insights to guide marketing, customer engagement, and company culture.

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