About Bellomy

Bellomy is a full-service market intelligence firm.

"Talented people working collaboratively for the benefit of great clients. That’s what Bellomy is all about."                                                                   

 –Lacy Bellomy, Founder


We serve our client partners through the seamless integration of people, solutions and technology, and our teams are intensely focused on your challenges. With Bellomy as a partner, you’ll value our collaborative approach, knowledge and expertise, responsiveness, and unassailable accuracy and quality.

The Bellomy culture embodies a continual search for ways to add business value to your market intelligence, always striving to discover opportunities for your growth and improvement. Our work includes both B2C and B2B channels, with solutions focused on Social Research, Customer Experience, Shopper Insights, and Brand Renovation & Innovation.

We work with clients across a broad range of categories and industries, including Energy, Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Products, and Retail.

Bellomy was founded in 1976 as Bellomy Research, Inc., and is based in Winston-Salem, NC. We are an AMA Gold Report Top 50 firm.