• Word magnets organized into different topics.

    What is topic modeling in text analytics?

    Topic modeling is the process of assembling a set of recurring topics within a body of text. Using topic modeling, data — like customer feedback or other unstructured data — can be mined at scale to discover frequently used phrases or expressions within the text. Successfully classifying comments into topics is part of an overall approach that enables organizations to understand consumers’ thoughts, opinions, and ideas.
  • Illustration of customer journey through awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy stages.

    How to improve customer experience using journey mapping

    Every day, customers embark on multiple journeys. How customers experience and navigate their journey often impacts whether or not they ultimately decide to engage your brand.​​​​​​​ Improving the touchpoints that make up customer journeys can only mean one thing — improving the customer experience.
  • Blurred computer screen showing participants in a virtual focus group for market research purposes.

    How to pick the right virtual focus group platform

    Virtual focus groups are a vehicle for gaining qualitative insights into target audiences as respondents participate through the comfort and ease of their own devices. While such sessions are often more convenient for participants, there are several differences to address when compared to traditional, in-person, focus groups.
  • Woman in a yellow and white shirt reviewing market research data to uncover actionable insights

    Finding value in unexpected market research insights

    As researchers, we know some aspects of studies are out of our control. We never know how respondents will answer, and sometimes their insights don’t give us straightforward solutions or suggest changes to products or services that don’t seem feasible. While you may not get the answers you originally set out to find, when you think creatively, all insights are valuable.