• Illustration of customers giving opinions

    Tips for survey takers

    Following a few simple best practices when taking a survey will allow you to provide meaningful, valuable responses. Thoughtful survey feedback can help companies make informed business decisions to meet the needs of the consumers they serve.
  • someone with his hand to his ear trying to listen closer.

    Advantages and disadvantages of social media listening

    Social listening is a powerful solution for brands who want to connect with their consumers, but it's not perfect for every situation. There are several advantages and disadvantages to consider before determining whether it's the right fit for your organization's strategy.

  • Man_with_mask_and_briefcase

    Pandemic phases, as told by the market

    If the time between mid-March and today simultaneously feels like a blur and a lifetime to you, you are not alone. The Bellomy team has spent much of this time observing the world as it has changed and talking with consumers and clients about what these changes mean.
  • we-are-open-again-sign-on-door

    COVID-19 segments: Where are they now?

    As we continue to weather this pandemic and watch the world slowly reopen around us, we’ve kept a close eye on how consumer attitudes and behaviors continue to shift.
  • illustration of phone and social media activity bubbles

    What is a social mention tool?

    When it comes to harnessing the power of social, there are obviously tools involved. The thing that will separate your insights from the rest is how you wield the sword — social mention tool — of your choosing.