• Bellomy Blender Q3 2018 - Financial

    Attitudes were exceptionally positive in Q3 compared to the previous year. Conversations around bitcoin were reignited after Mastercard’s decision to shut down Robert Spencer’s Patreon account over hateful content.
  • Bellomy Blender Q3 2018 - Energy

    Q3 saw major changes in the energy sector. Obama-era energy legislation was reversed, and people reacted negatively on social channels like twitter. Proponents of solar enjoy had a victory twitter though, after the passing of SB 100.
  • Bellomy Blender Q3 2018 - Retail

    Retail sentiment became more negative in the third quarter of 2018. The biggest change on social media was found in posts around big box stores like Wal-Mart.
  • Bellomy Blender Q3 2018 - Healthcare

    Q3 2018 showed a large decrease in social post volume, compared to this period last year. Those who did post were riveted by healthcare miracles and incredible health stories. Providers were also showing their growing wisdom by advertising job opportunities over social media.
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    Speed vs. Value in Shopper Insights

    Too often, important shopper insights research is done in a hurry, often on a limited budget. As researchers, we all understand the need for conducting faster and better research, but there is a case to be made for slowing down the process somewhat in order to uncover deeper, more impactful insights and provide meaningful recommendations.
  • Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - CPG

    Q2 2018 was the season for product promotion. Buzz around the commercially successful Nintendo Switch continued with a new announcement at the yearly E3. Other companies utilized social media directly with large advertising campaigns aimed at boosting product awareness. Strategies varied; Coca-cola appealed to buyers’ hearts; Ihop capitalized from confusion.
  • Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - Financial

    The bitcoin buzz has yet to quiet down in Q2 2018. New initial coin offerings are expanding ideas about what is possible with cryptocurrency and blockchain. And Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings have opened larger concerns cybersecurity among financial institutions that handle large volumes of customer data.
  • Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - Healthcare

    Q2 2018 brought with it new conversations around health. Digipharm’s business model opened new conversations about the potential for intersection between cryptocurrency and healthcare. Users of Twitter and Facebook have mixed opinions about healthcare acquisitions, and Amazon breaks into the sector with a controversial figure at its head.
  • Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - Retail

    It was all about Amazon on social media during Q2 2018. Reactions to the first Amazon Go stores have been largely positive, in spite of concerns about potential job displacement. In the fashion space, retailers are feeling the heat from Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe offering. And Video is becoming a more frequent medium for reviewing retail products.