• Journey map example showing the customer journey through inspiration, consideration, evaluation, and purchase.

    How to create a journey map

    A journey map is a visualization tool that helps organizations identify and understand the experiences their customers are having with the company and find ways to improve them. Before beginning the journey map, we need to understand the current state of the company.
  • Feet_with_arrows_pointing_different_directions

    What is a journey map?

    In short, it's a story. When it comes to why people do what they do, there's almost always a story. Journey maps are about understanding and visualizing those stories.
  • woman in the gym using battle ropes

    Getting back to the gym will be a true battle

    Maybe because I miss the gym, or maybe just because we are inundated with media coverage of the pandemic, battling ropes also remind me of our own ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of a smooth and consistently increasing climb out of the doldrums, our recent spike in COVID-19 cases looks more like the undulating waves of battling ropes.
  • Illustration of customers giving opinions

    Tips for survey takers

    Following a few simple best practices when taking a survey will allow you to provide meaningful, valuable responses. Thoughtful survey feedback can help companies make informed business decisions to meet the needs of the consumers they serve.
  • Man_with_mask_and_briefcase

    Pandemic phases, as told by the market

    If the time between mid-March and today simultaneously feels like a blur and a lifetime to you, you are not alone. The Bellomy team has spent much of this time observing the world as it has changed and talking with consumers and clients about what these changes mean.