• young woman on computer

    Three tips for user testing moderators

    As a usability testing moderator, you have a responsibility to your stakeholders to observe participant behavior and collect verbal feedback. But moderators also have a responsibility for managing the participant's experience and comfort during the session.

  • team planning a digital user experience on a tablet

    When to do user testing — a three phase approach

    We often think of user experience (UX) testing as an accompaniment to design work. While that is certainly true, UX design and testing should be approached holistically. There are three phases in which UX research should be conducted — exploratory, design, and validation.
  • analyzing market research on iPad during COVID-19

    Update on conducting market research during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Since our original post on March 20 assessing survey response rates immediately after the COVID-19 travel ban, we've been closely following response rates and data impacts on several of our trackers, in both the utility and financial services spaces. Now, in Week 6 of the quarantine, we need to know if people have continued responding to survey invitations at the same rate.
  • collage of social media posts that demonstrate financial fearfulness

    Segment 7: Financially fearful

    As a group with higher instances of part-time or self-employment, and a high likelihood of children in the household, this female-heavy segment is hanging on by a thread.
  • collage of social media posts from that demonstrate feelings of doom and gloom during COVID-19

    Segment 6: Doom and gloom

    This crowd is opting to stay in and cook ready-made meals rather than hitting up the local brunch spot on Sunday morning.
  • collage of social media posts from that demonstrate going at it alone during COVID-19

    Segment 5: Going it alone

    If life was tricky before, it is much harder now. This group tends towards single parents with limited activities and very real worries about financial instability.