• three-bags-of-chips-making-up-product-line

    How to optimize a product line

    When developing a new product line or evaluating whether it might be time to adjust an existing one, you want to get a sense of how well each combination of products might perform in front of consumers and how profitable each could be.

  • Smartlab Report Q1 2019

    Social media apps are making it easier to buy products in-app. Consumers are connecting with brands on social media through influencers. These and other factors are shifting buying habits in 2019.
  • Bellomy Blender Q1 2019 - Retail

    Sustainability efforts used to be optional for large companies. In Q1 2019 it was the new competitive landscapes for retail companies with high shipping volume. Many businesses are attempting to offset their carbon footprint and are beginning to realize the stakes for brand equity.
  • Bellomy Blender Q1 2019: Healthcare

    Healthcare was all about self-care in Q1 of 2019. As mental health concerns have become normalized over the last few years, social media posts have ramped up, with many using mediums like Twitter to share various self-care strategies.
  • Slide from Bellomy's "blender" research report

    Bellomy Blender Q1 2019 - Financial

    Intelligent consumers are holding companies to the environmental standards they claim to have. The emergence of #greenwashing has given a voice to those who expect institutions to be forward-thinking and sustainable.
  • Bellomy Blender Q1 2019: Energy

    Access to alternative energy sources has never been easier. Consumers can now get started with solar power at their local home improvement store, but education remains as a barrier to adoption.
  • Bellomy Blender Q1 2019: CPG

    In Q1 2019, the largest consumer products companies learned that the voice of the customer is powerful and can easily disrupt or influence market trends. Environmentally conscious buyers are willing to forego thrifting if they know their favorite brands are producing sustainably.