• collage of social media posts that demonstrate financial fearfulness

    Segment 7: Financially fearful

    As a group with higher instances of part-time or self-employment, and a high likelihood of children in the household, this female-heavy segment is hanging on by a thread.
  • collage of social media posts from that demonstrate feelings of doom and gloom during COVID-19

    Segment 6: Doom and gloom

    This crowd is opting to stay in and cook ready-made meals rather than hitting up the local brunch spot on Sunday morning.
  • collage of social media posts from that demonstrate going at it alone during COVID-19

    Segment 5: Going it alone

    If life was tricky before, it is much harder now. This group tends towards single parents with limited activities and very real worries about financial instability.
  • collage of social media posts that demonstrate feelings of being nonchalant during COVID-19

    Segment 1: Nonchalant

    Thus far, this segment has been the least impacted — they are not working from home and are not likely to have children staying in the house.
  • working on a laptop with a megaphone coming out of the screen

    Two-way communication with consumers during a crisis

    Being able to connect, communicate, and listen to your customers during the next crisis isn’t just a blessing — it’s a strategic imperative. During a time of crisis — pandemic or otherwise — responsible companies have public relations teams that leap into action to implement a prepared crisis communication plan. Many of us have received these messages. We may have sent some out ourselves. I know I have, on both counts.