Market Segmentation for Customer Analysis

Market segmentation is critical for getting to know your true customers

Combining traditional and occasion-based, need-state market segmentation processes to produce a more robust, modern vision of your target market and determine where needs aren't being met.

Segmentation is foundational — it's a building block for customer research. Without this up-to-date understanding of the likes, habits, tendencies, and preferences of your customer base, you won't be able to communicate with them effectively.

However, when need-state and usage occasions are overlaid on top of a traditional people segmentation, it can clearly identify whitespace opportunities in the market. The combination of traditional market segmentation and occasion-based, need-state segmentation processes gives insight into who your ideal customers are, who they aren't, and what emerging needs you can meet for them. Our end-to-end, 360° approach uses in-house, customizable methods to perform market segmentation that is right for you.