stack of grayscale hats with one yellow one
stack of grayscale hats with one yellow one

segments you can hang your hat on

one size does not fit all

Segmentation research is foundational to building a better understanding of customers across an organization. Its power lies in the potential to represent customers holistically with a tight focus on their wants and needs.

Done well, segmentation can inform every aspect of your business: 

  • Identification of new markets
  • Marketing strategy and tactics
  • Product and service development 
  • Customer service 
  • Training  

insights that fit like a glove

With extensive experience in the field, our segmentation solution combines advanced analytics with database typing for immediate activation or through a set of questions designed for maximum accuracy.

Our research produces segments that are:


    meaningful, intuitive, and manageable enough to internalize


    distinguished enough to influence strategy based on shared attitudes, behaviors, and needs


    ensuring stability for the solution


    accessible, targetable, likely to respond differently to products, services, and marketing efforts


    large enough to present an opportunity

before and after

Bringing the segments to life creates buy-in, allowing you to leverage a deep understanding of your customer groups to promote brand growth. Our pre and post-segmentation consultations, including activation workshops, assist in crafting compelling narratives that steer your marketing, communication, and innovation strategies. 

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database typing

Bellomy's database typing tool applies a predictive algorithm to existing data to categorize customers into specific segments without needing additional information.

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Activation workshops help stakeholders understand research outcomes and apply them to their roles. Facilitated sessions include brainstorming activities to engage participants, leverage their expertise, and foster ownership of ideas.

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Developed in partnership with the Bellomy Digital Marketing + Strategy team, a web-based microsite that can be accessed by internal teams is the best way to develop and socialize segmentation research. Microsites help keep segments top of mind, allow for quick reference in regard to messaging, and accommodate different learning styles within your organization. 

whitespace opportunity puzzle image with missing piece

whitespace opportunities

Through occasion-based need state segmentation, gain insight into whitespace opportunities and receive clear guidance on how to capitalize on them. 

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opportunity mapping

Occasion-based need state segmentation uncovers valuable opportunities that exist among your customers. Opportunity mapping can help prioritize the most valuable opportunities and outline effective ways to pursue each across segments.

Having this ability to segment customers has been invaluable, and we appreciate the partnership Bellomy provided.

Manager, Customer Insights and Marketing Operations

case study: utility segmentation

To achieve best-in-class customer experience and future-proof against the changing market landscape, Salt River Project (SRP) aimed to provide value beyond basic utility services. To do this, they needed strategic direction for creating exceptional customer experiences and developing innovative products and services to meet customer needs.

Read more to learn how Bellomy's multi-phased segmentation exercise resulted in impactful cultural change and new ways of thinking across the organization.

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