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transform inspiration into high-potential opportunities for innovation and growth

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measure twice, cut once

Today's dynamic and highly competitive business landscape demands innovation. Identifying unmet needs is the critical starting point and ultimate measuring stick for all concepts, prototypes, and messaging that transforms inspiration into opportunity.

From whitespace exploration to rollout, we are ready to jump in at any point during your innovation process.


research design that gets you all the way to the finish line

Using our tech-driven concept testing, we’re committed to guiding you through your stage gate process from concept to a tried-and-tested launch. With a complete suite of innovation capabilities, we go beyond simply presenting data and numbers to delivering actionable insights focused on your target customer — and higher profits.


  • unmet needs + whitespace identification

    Discover the unique unmet needs and motivation of your customers through qualitative and quantitative research, including opportunity mapping, ethnographies, trends analysis, and social media listening. 

  • concept ideation

    Transform innovative ideas into reality through various collaborative tactics such as co-creation micro-communities and ideation consulting with customers and stakeholders.

  • concept development

    Bring concepts to life with the help of our in-house digital marketing team to improve the quality of testing feedback. Capabilities include product renderings, packaging strategy and design, defining potential attributes, naming, and messaging. 

  • concept testing + optimization

    From snacks to care products, we refine all elements of your go-to market strategy. Through techniques like MaxDiff, conjoint, online questionnaires, TURF, JAR (just about right) testing, and more, we can tackle product/price optimization, attribution selection, name/claims testing, portfolio optimization, simulators, in-home use/CLT testing, and price pack architecture.

case study: fine-tuning feasibility through consumer insights

When a global packaging solutions company wanted to refine its product development strategy, they encountered a challenge: Which can materials would prove viable in the paint manufacturing and retail market?

Bellomy’s approach — involving in-depth interviews and on-site retail investigations — gave the needed clarity. Armed with customer-led insights, the company could accurately gauge the feasibility of new product development.

Read on to learn how these insights reshaped their strategy and directed them to the most promising innovations.

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