case study: fine-tuning feasibility through consumer insights

business challenge

A global packaging solutions company wanted to inform their product development strategy through the perspective of key decision-makers in the paint manufacturing and retail industries to determine the market viability of investing in new can materials. Insights objectives included:​

  • Understanding perceptions of future paint can materials and design.​
  • Identifying the most important consideration and purchase factors for paint cans.​
  • Clarifying pros and cons of different can materials and openness to new materials.​

bellomy solution

Leveraging Bellomy’s experience in sourcing hard-to-reach B2B audiences and qualitative methodologies, we conducted a multi-phase approach that included:​

  • Discovery sessions with client leadership to understand topics of interest, identify ongoing hypotheses, and inform the design of discussion guides.​
  • Twenty in-depth interviews with decision-makers from leading paint manufacturing companies and paint/home improvement retailers.  ​
  • In-store interviews with 34 customer-facing retail associates to understand consumer experience and preferences.​

​business result

This research gave our client the necessary customer-led perspective to gauge the initial viability of investing in new product development. Their further evaluation was informed by a clear understanding of existing concerns and opportunities among key decision-makers within their business partners.​

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