research designed to ensure data quality

We understand that reliable research begins with reliable data, and we have rigorous quality assurance and control processes in place to ensure data that yields trustworthy, dependable insights.  


Data quality safeguards

  • We have a fully documented list of checks required before surveys go live, and we begin with a soft launch to allow for additional checks before ramping up.​
  • We monitor for non-conscientious survey responses, including straight-lining responses and surveys completed too quickly.
  • We use pre-test surveys and UX “ride-along” interviews, where respondents think aloud as they complete the survey and share feedback, to check results.
  • During data collection, quality is ensured through automated QA mechanisms and evaluation of best-in-class survey KPIs.​
  • Interviewer quality is maintained through ongoing evaluation, training, and monitoring of in-house call center staff.
  • Back-end data quality is upheld through extensive QA/QC practices, cross-checking, peer review, and verification.​
  • To ensure survey quality, Bellomy uses its SmartID™ digital fingerprinting technology. SmartID™ uses a proprietary algorithm to “fingerprint” individual computers as they connect to Bellomy’s survey system based on openly available information in every computer’s hardware/software configuration, without leaving a cookie. SmartID™ can detect and remove duplicates from within a single project, across waves of tracking projects, or across multiple projects, independent of the sample source.​

Additionally, our comprehensive cybersecurity program protects client-partner data with measures including:

  • Secure FTP (or API) transfer with encryption

  • Data at rest encryption of sensitive personal information fields with controlled access

  • Monthly data security training required for all employees

  • Two-factor authentication access to network drives

  • Regular internal and external security audits  

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