black and white chameleon with green feet
black and white chameleon with green feet

cx challenges can hide in plain sight

you need eyes on every angle

Our CX solutions are designed to maximize customer lifetime value through our unique approach to measuring and analyzing feedback across touchpoints, journeys, and overall customer lifecycle. But omnichannel CX management isn’t just about measuring satisfaction.

Customer experience research aims to understand how to keep your brand relevant as customers interact with it based on their specific, in-the-moment circumstances. Customers expect companies to recall and respond to all of their prior interactions.

Customer Experience

high-touch partnership + high-tech platforms = on-pulse customer feedback

Understanding and managing omnichannel CX has become crucial as brands navigate a digital future. Our 360° customer experience measurement and management system lets you assess every facet of the customer experience across channels and journeys for true continuous improvement.

Bellomy’s CX solutions provide high-touch partnerships through our high-tech platforms, allowing you to:

    •    Be at the pulse of customer feedback 
    •    Enable fast data-driven decisions  
    •    Sustain and grow your customers  
    •    Create level-appropriate action plans 
    •    Understand what marketing efforts are moving the needle 

Bellomy CX process graphic
  • ask for feedback

    our solution starts with intelligent omnichannel feedback through all customer touchpoints

  • gather data

    our comprehensive, integrated platform allows clients to collect, track, and evaluate regular feedback for customers as well as integrate historical data

  • visualize

    real-time reporting through custom, interactive, role-based dashboards delivers the right information to the right people

  • develop insight

    client users and Bellomy users come together to review data, turning it into actionable insight, continually learning and improving

  • act

    our solution leads clients to confidently make customer-centric decisions

case study: rapid learning + improvement through CX

A utility company was struggling to monitor customer experience across touchpoints and needed rapid, actionable insights. Using Bellomy's CX solution and integrated case management system, the utility’s approach to customer service and decision-making was transformed.

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