case study: rapid learning + improvement through CX

business challenge​

A utility company didn’t have an easy mechanism to monitor the customer experience across touchpoints. They wanted to keep a pulse of their customer experience across key channels of transaction including phone and online. They desired daily information updates, enabling them to act quickly. Additionally, the utility requested rapid access to its residential and business customers to explore hot topics and test concepts.​

bellomy solution​

A CX solution developed to capture and integrate all the responses across channels of transaction and delivered to a variety of stakeholders via online platform.  ​

A case management system that enables efficiency in addressing urgent customer concerns via integrated access to operational information and survey results for each customer.​

Their residential and business customer panels facilitate rapid exploration and testing of marketing and CX hypotheses driving a more agile business approach from frontline learning to executive decision-making.​

business result​

The utility leverages Bellomy’s synthesized reports to evaluate KPI performance trends on daily, monthly, and yearly cadences. The marriage between the utility’s transaction research and Bellomy’s CX platform informs team decisions, as well as broader organizational efforts. The panel provides answers to immediate research needs and time-sensitive questions, enabling better prioritization and agile, informed decision-making.​

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