• How online research communities can elevate your position as a thought leader

    How your online research community can elevate your position as a thought leader

    In our December webinar, Justin Coates of Eastman Chemical Company and Taylor Doolittle of Bellomy gave a presentation on how Eastman uses an online community to gain a deeper understanding of sustainably-minded consumers. The presentation highlighted Eastman’s ability to position itself as a strategic thought partner to its clients due to their use of an online research community.
  • Online panels and communities can accelerate and facilitate customer segmentation in marketing research.

    How online panels can facilitate customer segmentation

    What do fingerprints, snowflakes, Social Security numbers and your customers have in common? No two are the same. Marketing strategies that target your entire customer base may be effective from time-to-time, but it's also impossible for a business with hundreds of thousands of customers to properly market to each individual. So, where’s the sweet spot?
  • Use online panels and communities to connect with your users

    What are online panels and communities?

    If you have ever researched a potential purchase online, you might be familiar with the never-ending rabbit hole of consumer reviews and online discussion boards. However, access to relevant peer feedback was not always the norm it is today. Consumers longed to hear from each other about what works and why. Almost overnight the online community of sharing was born.
  • Bellomy Acquires Alloy Magnetic

    For many of the biggest companies in the world, creating intelligent and easy-to-use online and mobile experiences affords a major competitive advantage. These companies rely on research to identify insights and user behaviors that can be elegantly designed into websites and applications. We are pleased to announce that we have merged with another Winston-Salem-based company to change the game in market intelligence, user experience, ecommerce strategy and more. 
  • Smartlab Report Q1 2019

    Social media apps are making it easier to buy products in-app. Consumers are connecting with brands on social media through influencers. These and other factors are shifting buying habits in 2019.