• Smartlab Report Q4 2018 - Healthcare

    Millennials view healthcare from a different lens than prior generations. Health providers and caretakers need to be equipped to meet the concerns of a demanding generation who expect better preventive care than their predecessors.
  • Smartlab Report Q4 2018

    Moms are among the most significant segments during the holiday buying season. In a household, they’ll be making most of the calls on what is purchased for the holidays, so appealing to them is a must for concerned retailers.
  • Bellomy Blender Q4 2018 - CPG

    Feelings around consumer products and goods intensified in Q4 2018, compared to the previous. Shoppers reacted to recent game releases for the Nintendo switch, boosting talking around the console for its second christmas buying season.
  • Bellomy Blender Q4 2018 - Healthcare

    Quarter 4 for 2018 showed less people talking about healthcare compared to the previous. Talk around the sector also has grown slightly less positive in comparison. Popular mentions in health include jobs and careers.
  • Bellomy Blender Q4 2018 - Retail

    The holidays bring familiar feelings in the retail space, and 2018 was no exception, with sentiment and intensity on par with their 2017 levels. Conversions around Christmas shopping led social channels like twitter and instagram.
  • Slide from Bellomy's "blender" research report

    Bellomy Blender Q4 2018 - Financial

    People have grown a negative outlook on financial topics in Q4 2018. Fewer people are posting, but students on twitter are making their voices heard over concerns about unfair banking fees.
  • Bellomy Blender Q4 2018 - Energy

    Q4 2018 brought with it a new class of US congresspersons, and with them a new round of energy proposals. Ideas for bills pushing for increases in renewable power usage have propagated social media channels with many government officials blurring the line between legislator and influencer.
  • 2018 Belloween

    American Research Horror Stories

    It’s scary how the marketplace creeps and crawls with agile undead products and services, no? These are the spawn of agile development processes.