case study: better customer understanding, better business outcomes​

business challenge​

A 75-year-old family-owned iced tea company with national distribution went through a rebranding effort and wanted to continue building on momentum with a better understanding of their consumers and their market. The team was seeking to use this enhanced understanding to fuel a customer engagement program, drive content and ad campaigns, and further contribute to the company’s people-first culture.​

bellomy solution​

Bellomy designed a unique quant-to-qual approach for this challenge, including a quantitative survey, followed by virtual focus groups, with social listening occurring in the background throughout the project. A survey of ready-to-drink tea drinkers nationwide uncovered awareness and usage data on the client + competitors and revealed consumers’ perceptions and preferences related to tea. The focus groups deepened our understanding of key insights from the quantitative survey. We used social media listening to explore online conversations around iced tea, the client’s brand, and key competitors. In combination, these techniques provided a wide perspective on how consumers are talking and thinking about iced tea. ​

business result​

The client gained deep and broad understanding of their target consumers and the ready-to-drink iced tea market through this project. The brand continues to flourish nationwide, and research results are still being used to shape and improve marketing, customer engagement, and company culture.​

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