case study – retail: profit growth through expanded appeal​

business challenge​

A national retailer wanted ​to drive growth by expanding its appeal to new consumer segments in the increasingly competitive retail environment. Successfully targeting these new consumers required a deep understanding of their daily habits, style aspirations, and store preferences. ​

bellomy solution​

Utilizing a full-service Bellomy community, we were able to quickly type the respondents and identify the target segments. Respondents were asked to provide pictures of their daily outfits and create a digital collage of images that reflected their style. Each respondent was also asked to visit a competitive store and then visit the sponsor’s store and provide a detailed comparison. Pictures and videos were collected in all phases.​

business result​

The panel insights provided the primary guidance for all aspects of the initiative, including merchandise selection to align with identified trends, advertising, and a design for a segment-based store layout. The panel is also being utilized for test store secret shops as the retailer continues to refine the new layout. ​

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