case study: increasing speed from ​prototype to shelf

business challenge

A major CPG company needed to get to market quickly during a boom in a new product type in their category to maintain market share and stay competitive. ​

bellomy solution

Bellomy quickly created a community by recruiting members in three launch markets. Members participated in an accelerated product trial and logged their feedback and use of the products through a digital diary. The community was also used to collect feedback on marketing messaging and ​package design. ​

business result

The community replaced traditional product testing and focus groups, providing accelerated learning and driving faster optimization to get to market sooner. The product was successfully launched nationwide ​and became a strong competitor in the emerging category.

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We know more about our new product offering as a result of the feedback we’ve received in six months from our community than we learned with two-and-a-half years of traditional research for our last product launch.

Senior Director
MRD Major CPG Company