case study: prioritizing the development of a new product

business challenge​

A FinTech firm was interested in launching a new product for use by financial advisors to help their marketing efforts. The product team had developed a number of potential features but needed to understand their relative importance and value as well as how to create the most compelling bundles for a tiered product offering.​

bellomy solution​

Bellomy worked with the firm to design a choice-based conjoint exercise to directly answer this challenge. The online survey was fielded to Bellomy’s Financial Advisor Community where the on-tap advisor audience quickly provided feedback through the choice exercises that clearly showed their preferences and perceived value of the potential product features.​

business result​

The insights were used to create a product roadmap for use by the FinTech’s development team. They were able to prioritize getting the most important features in the hands of advisors first, then rolled out other features that provided further differentiation.​

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