Smartlab Report Q1 2019

June 13, 2019

Social shopping is increasing in popularity

Social media apps are making it easier to buy products in-app. This strategy is supported by research that visuals influence most consumers at least moderately. Leading the shift is Instagram, which has the most buying leverage with the Millennial generation. Users can see prices and start shopping with a swipe.

Influencers have the power

Consumers are connecting with brands on social media through influencers. Social media users can use these people they identify with as authorities when considering which companies to engage with. The impact of the social media influencers is cross-generational as well; Gen X-ers and Millenials are both swayed by these online promoters. While the influencer market could be fruitful to sellers, they should also note that consumers only respond to organic brand-influencer collaborations, as studies show that a slim minority of social shoppers are positively impacted by “sponsored” posts.

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