In-Store Intercept Surveys

In-store intercepts gather in-the-moment information from shoppers

Shopper intercepts are an ideal method for uncovering shoppers' reactions to in-store stimuli.

Our shopper insights team is often called upon to help retailers, brand owners, and product owners understand shoppers' path to purchase. Understanding in-store navigation, responses to shelf sets, and barriers to purchase are all critical to improving the perception of your brand or product.

Intercept surveys can be used to gain valuable insights into shopper behavior.

Because of the ability to conduct in-store intercept surveys with larger sample sizes, they are a proven method for gathering qualitative feedback. And the information collected from store intercept surveys can be used where it counts — in the aisle. Direct and real-time responses from intercepts give brands and product owners the vital information to drive perceptions of value and remove barriers from customers' paths to purchase.