Social Media Listening

Identify trends and problems as they emerge through online channels

We have mastered the art and science of capturing, structuring, and understanding ongoing digital conversations that are happening publicly on social networks, review platforms, blogs, news outlets, and forums.

Bellomy is helping brands and companies — even B2B — get a complete 360° view of their consumers through social media listening. Our solutions let you be a "fly on the wall" and elevate the knowledge you may already have from traditional research or behavioral and transactional data.

Social listening is actionable — when done right

It's not enough to know what consumers are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry in the digital space. Social listening provides a mix of qualitative and quantitative metrics that can steer your business. Identifying the volume, sentiment, and intensity of real-time consumer behavior lets you proactively remedy issues before they manifest themselves in lost revenue.