UX Research + User Testing

Consumer feedback on the usability and design of your digital platforms

To create products that are useful, usable, and desirable for customers, we have to understand who your users are and what they need.

User experience (UX) testing puts the user front and center, giving you the opportunity to learn about the behaviors, emotions, and language that can drive satisfaction in the digital space. Bellomy's usability testing is tailored to your needs — providing in-depth feedback on specific elements or the overall experience — giving you a deeper understanding of how real customers interact with your interface.

Bellomy's user experience testing:

  • Saves you cost and effort. Informing the design process from the start and catching issues early means fewer rounds of revisions and development efforts.
  • Protects your brand. Anticipating user issues and possible customer dissatisfaction before launch reduces potential damage to your brand.
  • Captures success indicators. Capturing benchmarking metrics measures your team’s success over time and allows you to quantify (and brag about) your UX wins.