Open Text Analytics Sales Position

Text Analytics Sales

Text analytics is a rapidly growing field with increasing demand from Fortune 1000 companies. Bellomy, a full-service market research consultancy, has an industry-leading Text Analytics application developed over the past three years with a proven track record of client adoption.

We are seeking a successful, experienced sales representative who will be focused on converting prospects to clients. This role will require learning how the application works and how it helps users convert massive amounts of text into insights that drive decisions for businesses. 

Bellomy has a strong, experienced team that will provide support to the sales representative and to clients. We would welcome a determined and talented salesperson to focus on selling this leading Text Analytics application to a marketplace with growing demand. Compensation will include a base salary with benefits plus a bonus for each sale.

Qualified candidates:

Candidates must be lawfully and fully (without restriction) employable in the United States either by citizenship or by authorization from the Department of Homeland Security and the Labor Department.

Please send a resume, your salary requirements, and a cover letter letting us know why you’re the right person for this role to: