Case Study - Utilities - Online Research Panel

Case Study: Online Research Panel

Looking for an easier way to get quick insights on a regular basis? A customer panel can help.   
The Need  

A retail electricity supplier in a deregulated service area continuously faces increasing competition from both emerging and established suppliers. To maintain a strong position in the crowded market, they frequently evaluate their products and services, looking for opportunities to improve and enhance their offerings and the overall customer experience they deliver.  

As the need for regular insights increased, the company was looking for the best way to collect customer feedback quickly and efficiently—focusing on product and message testing, elements of the customer experience, and other hot-topic research needs. 


The Solution

Bellomy created an online research panel of residential customers to provide quick-turn feedback on a variety of topics, including short-term urgent issues and long-term strategic initiatives. Since launching the panel in 2015, we have utilized a variety of methodologies and approaches in the panel, depending on the objectives.

  • Product and message testing via online surveys and advanced analytics techniques to measure the importance or preference of various service plan attributes
  • UX research to improve the company’s online customer portal, app, website, and overall online presence
  • Qualitative interviews and focus groups to dig deeper into the minds of customers
  • Unique solutions like digital diaries to capture the experience of customers over an extended period
  • Recent experience video submission surveys to capture feedback on products, services, and agent interactions to build stories to share internally or to use as testimonials

Having a group of engaged customers ready and on tap is also ideal for research on unexpected events (e.g., extreme and prolonged hot summers, how to help customers during an intense winter storm). The panel has also been effective for full-cycle product testing, as it facilitates quick, iterative learning (e.g., throw out the bad ideas, keep the good ones, move on to the next stage of development). 

The Result

Nearly ten years later, the panel is still going strong and the company continues to be a top retail electricity supplier in its region. The panel provides critical insights that have helped the company refine its offerings and create and fine-tune products and services that customers need and want, with compelling messaging to capture greater market share. 

The company even named Bellomy a “Supplier of the Year” for providing a superior level of service and helping them maintain a leadership position in an increasingly competitive market. We’re a true partner and complement to their team, helping them move their business forward with confidence.


Do you need regular feedback from a reliable group of customers?  

Bellomy’s online research panels provide quick-turn insights that can support full-cycle product development, customer experience improvement efforts, and other business and research needs, with a wide range of engagement types to support your specific objectives.   

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