Case Study - Utilities - Segmentation

Case Study: Segmentation

To create a culture of excellence, put a face on each account number.   
The Need  

Salt River Project (SRP) has been setting the gold standard in customer satisfaction for decades and is consistently ranked #1 in the West Large segment in the J.D. Power Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. With a goal of continuing their best-in-class customer experience, SRP wanted to future-proof against the changing market landscape and provide value to customers beyond simply being a utility provider. 

To do this, SRP needed a clear line of sight to create amazing customer experiences during each key interaction. Additionally, they needed strategic guidance around product and service innovations to meet the unmet needs of their customers. 


The Solution

Bellomy conducted a multi-phased segmentation exercise, including: 

  • A thorough discovery phase of stakeholder interviews and an online mass collaborative chat with A segmentation survey fielded in multiple modes in English and Spanish
  • A typing tool that mapped SRP’s entire customer database into seven new segments
  • A multi-day activation workshop for Brand, Marketing, Product Development, and Customer Operations divisions, which helped them solve a real-world problem using the segmentation, and ultimately drove strong cross-organization adoption of the solution. 
The Result

As the segmentation gained traction across the organization, SRP saw cultural change and new ways of thinking. Segment-specific needs and motivations are regularly referenced when discussing new product and service development, call center operations, campaign messaging, audience targeting, and program goal setting. 

Since this project, SRP has conducted two additional customer segmentations with Bellomy, with plans for another segmentation in the next year.  


Want to improve your customers' experiences? 
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We can help. Bellomy’s utility-tailored segmentation solution is informed by our deep industry knowledge and leverages the prowess of our in-house advanced analytics team—who eat, sleep, and dream segmentation.  

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