Case Study - Utilities - VOC / CX Program

Case Study: VOC / CX Program

There are 1,001 ways to collect customer feedback… are you missing opportunities? And how can you make sense of it all?   
The Need  

A large regional utility wanted to conduct a multi-faceted research program to measure, monitor, and continuously improve overall customer experience and perceptions. To gain a holistic view, they needed to conduct ongoing research across a variety of channels, touchpoints, and services provided by the utility. Additionally, they needed to compare customer perceptions to results from a peer group of six competitive investor-owned utilities in surrounding areas.

In other words, they needed a lot of data—but they also needed big-picture perspective to help them understand the stories behind the results. 


The Solution

Bellomy developed a comprehensive Voice of Customer (VOC) program utilizing a variety of survey methodologies to measure the customer experience across nearly a dozen touchpoints with the utility. 

Bellomy’s solution delivered actionable insights through the following: 

  • Daily updates to online dashboards and trend reports, agent-level reporting, verbatims, and analyst tools
  • Topline reports analyzing factors contributing to shifts in KPIs
  • Mid-year and year-end in-depth insights reports to widen the lens and tell the story
  • Annual key driver analysis to identify service areas that drive overall satisfaction/CX
  • An integrated, user-friendly technology platform that provides access to daily updates, allowing the utilities insights and operations teams to act quickly

Bellomy also developed a large-scale customer satisfaction research program with multi-mode surveys that identify strengths and areas for improvement, illuminate trends, and compare performance to determine compensation incentive awards. 

The Result

Since implementing this program more than 10 years ago, the utility has improved customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis, with scores improving 13% over the past three years. Using insights from the program, the utility was able to identify opportunities to implement operational changes, addressing customer concerns more efficiently and driving continues improvement among customer service representatives.

With 10 separate ongoing tracking studies, nearly 45,000 surveys completed per year, and a technology platform that puts data at their fingertips, they have everything they need to tell their customer experience story.  


Are you maximizing every touchpoint for customer feedback? Is the data telling a clear story?  

Bellomy’s comprehensive CX and VOC programs unearth vital customer feedback across touchpoints, automating the process and making the results accessible for your teams.  

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer feedback. Contact Bellomy today to learn more about how we can help tell your CX story.  

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