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Evolving needs for customer segmentation 

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers, but it is important to understand exactly how they have been impacted.

Our research revealed that there are seven key segments of consumers based on how they have responded to this crisis thus far. As you think about your customers, do you know how different groups are responding to COVID-19? Do you know how their behaviors are changing and which of those behavior changes are here to stay? We can quickly design and execute research targeted towards answering those questions and more.

If you are thinking about conducting a new segmentation study among your customer base, or if it’s time to refresh an existing segmentation study, we can help with that too. Bellomy has decades of experience segmenting customer bases across a variety of industries and activating those segments within organizations. We are here if you have questions or would like to discuss our unique approach to segmentation studies.