The future of mortgage lending

Home sales are up. Interest rates are down. A vaccine is on the way.

How has the pandemic impacted getting a mortgage? Without understanding clients' thoughts, preferences, and expectations, it will be hard to know.

SL3 and Bellomy teamed up to find out how the home mortgage experience has changed amidst the pandemic. Upon surveying 1,200+ respondents, our research suggests that striking a balance between in-person and online interaction will be key for mortgage companies and lenders in positioning themselves for future success. We want to share our findings with you and provide insight into how you can serve applicants and clients best.

Virtual presentation details:
  • Access the recording to watch on-demand + download a PDF of the full report 
We discuss the results — and implications — of research related to:
  • Client preferences and comfort with various communication channels
  • Expectations clients have for lenders throughout the process
  • How generations perceive lenders' abilities to serve them best

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