Power Potential: A Guide to Customer Segmentation for Utilities

When considering the future of utility services, deeply comprehending your customers is a strategic imperative. 

Our Power Potential guide outlines how, when done well, segmentation can inform a business from top to bottom, including:

  • Identification of new markets
  • Marketing strategy & tactics
  • Product & service development
  • Customer service
  • Employee training

Customer segmentation research can be a valuable strategy contribution when utilities use it to:

  • Provide actionable insights on future-proofing against a changing market landscape
  • Inform everything from rate plan design and positioning to communications
  • Identify new opportunities for revenue (like thermostat sales) and tailor innovation around unmet needs
  • Identify segments that are underserved, as well as those most likely to be receptive to programs and services (like bundle campaigns)

Download the guide to learn more about how customer segmentation insights increasingly help utilities navigate industry challenges.