Bellomy text analytics tool with AI-driven topic modeling revolutionizes data insights

by Justin Bailey | published on November, 2023

As the field of AI in market research evolves, one common criticism has been the limited ability of current text analytics tools to assign customized topics for specific datasets. Instead, they use traditional methods of analysis that involve keyword matching or word-based evaluation techniques. These approaches rely on predefined or user-defined lists of keywords as the primary means of categorizing or extracting insights from the text. 

While keyword-based approaches can be useful in some scenarios, their limitations include struggling with context and failing to make connections between words or concepts that are not explicitly present as keywords. Additionally, even when industry specific, they can be limited in scope. And they can also require significant manual effort and be time-consuming when dealing with a lot of data. 

Turning tradition on its head

Bellomy is taking the lead in this space with advanced capabilities that are revolutionizing the way market researchers extract insights from text data.

Our topic-modeling technique puts AI at the beginning of the process, with our tool analyzing the data input and then generating the topic model in real time. At the beginning of the process, human researchers have the option of contextualizing data with custom prompts as well as designating the AI’s level of creative freedom (ie, setting the temperature) to one of five levels (none/limited, very limited, midrange, high and max). These prompts give the AI information it needs — a specific business objective, for instance — to deliver topics with immediate insights. Our tool surpasses the traditional keyword and lexical matching approaches by allowing the AI to identify hard-to-find matches and easily address common and uncommon linguistic scenarios. 

Giving users the freedom to explore

In addition to consistently saving users hours of time on creating custom topics and manual data review, the Bellomy AI Analytics for Text tool can:

  • identify and quantify top themes and takeaways for each open-ended survey question or group of data 
  • unearth potentially emerging pain points whose identification traditionally would require human review. 
  • and allow easy discovery of emerging topics as well as topics that might be trailing off

Perhaps best of all, by freeing users from the mundane tasks typically associated with this aspect of text analysis, the Bellomy tool empowers users to creatively explore their data — working from the generated topics to create their own and discover themes. For example, let’s say a pizza chain was analyzing online reviews for business insights and the AI initially returned a topic comprising the ordering, delivery and pickup experience. Again with an AI assist, the user can easily parse results specific to each action, segment for positive and negative reviews, and more.

By researchers, for researchers

Our AI Analytics for Text tool grew from Bellomy’s decades as a leading market research consultancy. Our researchers developed the tool after exploring third-party text analytics options and realizing a disconnect between tools built by software companies and what researchers actually needed to perform their work. After years of building out insights technology solutions for clients, we had the foundational infrastructure and in-house expertise to build a researcher-driven and -tested text analysis solution capable of analyzing massive amounts of unstructured qualitative text data with the high degree of accuracy and customization needed to deliver the top-tier work our clients need and expect. Bellomy employees and many of our clients use this tool daily to perform work. 

We continually strive to find innovative solutions rooted in technology that advance the field of market research and support our clients’ initiatives. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our products and services, and we invite you to get in touch.