Segment 6: Doom and gloom

by April Smith | published on April 15, 2020

Alarmed, diverse, transformed, hunkered down

emoji with x over eyes to represent the doom and gloom segment of consumers

This crowd is opting to stay in and cook ready-made meals rather than hitting up the local brunch spot on Sunday morning.

This segment skews younger and they are more likely to be students with diverse backgrounds. This group is the most likely to be male across all segments. Many are getting home delivery and cooking ready-made meals at home; it's likely this crowd were frequent restaurant-goers before stay-at-home restrictions were put into place.

They know this is a crisis and many have already been impacted by having to work from home. They have stocked up and they are doing what they can to prevent spreading COVID-19.

collage of social media posts that demonstrate feelings of doom and gloom during COVID-19@feldhausfeldhaus, @loveyjk, @ralu_nt

They have already been impacted by the virus, with more than half reporting that they've "stocked up" and more than a third working from home. Many report that they will be reducing their spending and they are very concerned about the economic impact of the virus (both on the stock market and personally). They plan to have items delivered if they do make purchases and most expect shopping and behavior changes to persist long-term.

  • Habit changes: "Shopping from less crowded stores and making sure I am washing and sanitizing."
  • Biggest concern: "Although I am relatively young and healthy, I am worried about catching COVID and passing it to others, more than I am about getting the actual disease."

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