• Roller coaster representing the ever-changing sentiment and emotions felt in 2020.

    Mining for new year mindsets

    Ask 742 people how they felt about 2020 and their outlook on 2021, and you’ll get 742 different answers. We brought the data into Bellomy’s Text Analytics platform and used our emotions AI, modeled after psychologist Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, to examine the subtleties among these experiences.
  • Couple in the background discussing the potential of buying a new house with the agent in the foreground filling out paperwork.

    What mortgage lenders should know about their evolving customers

    Home sales have been on the rise over the past year, and those sales and loans are not expected to slow any time soon. Our research shows that two-thirds of the population have not bought a new home, financed, or renovated this year. Combined with interest rates hovering around all-time lows, there’s a good chance it could be in many of their futures.
  • woman in the gym using battle ropes

    Getting back to the gym will be a true battle

    Maybe because I miss the gym, or maybe just because we are inundated with media coverage of the pandemic, battling ropes also remind me of our own ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of a smooth and consistently increasing climb out of the doldrums, our recent spike in COVID-19 cases looks more like the undulating waves of battling ropes.
  • Man_with_mask_and_briefcase

    Pandemic phases, as told by the market

    If the time between mid-March and today simultaneously feels like a blur and a lifetime to you, you are not alone. The Bellomy team has spent much of this time observing the world as it has changed and talking with consumers and clients about what these changes mean.
  • we-are-open-again-sign-on-door

    COVID-19 segments: Where are they now?

    As we continue to weather this pandemic and watch the world slowly reopen around us, we’ve kept a close eye on how consumer attitudes and behaviors continue to shift.
  • A woman wearing a mask picking up curbside take out from a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic

    What's next? Ask your customers

    COVID-19 has disrupted everything, and the reaction of most businesses has been to focus inwardly. Everything shifted to how companies can continue to function and planning for the future beyond the pandemic seems to be delayed until things return to normal. But an inward focus overlooks the pandemic customer experience — and how your customers can shape the future.
  • Smiling employee in grocery store aisle

    Prioritizing employee experience and preparing for a "New Normal"

    We've heard it for years now — a great employee experience leads to a great customer experience. But as your employees continue to take care of your customers during COVID-19, who will take care of your employees? Here's how going out of your way to support your team during this time can and will boost productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and increase loyalty.
  • analyzing market research on iPad during COVID-19

    Update on conducting market research during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Since our original post on March 20 assessing survey response rates immediately after the COVID-19 travel ban, we've been closely following response rates and data impacts on several of our trackers, in both the utility and financial services spaces. Now, in Week 6 of the quarantine, we need to know if people have continued responding to survey invitations at the same rate.