Forbes article: Four strategies for targeting highly engaged in-store shoppers

published on January 31, 2020

While some tread lightly in efforts to explore whitespace opportunities and uncover unmet market needs, Catalina Marketing set out to find who is shaping today's shopping experience.

Catalina trusted Bellomy’s Shopper Insights team to identify who that was, how they shop, and what opportunities exist to engage them.

It took about 20 in-depth interviews across three major markets to reveal the qualitative trends that would drive the rest of the research. The themes that had the most potential impact on Catalina’s quest to provide thought leadership became the topics of a quantitative research phase. We conducted over 3,000 online interviews on shopping routines and behaviors. 

The combination of both qualitative and quantitative research revealed key differences between grocery and personal care shoppers, and that retailers and brands miss opportunities to delight shoppers when they focus on traditional age-driven marketing efforts. But Catalina was most excited about the emergence of a new type of shopper — the “shopping enthusiast” — which is the focus of the Forbes article. 

Read the full article on “Four Strategies For Targeting Highly Engaged In-Store Shoppers” by Marta Cyhan, Forbes Councils Member and Catalina Marketing CMO.