Segment 5: Going it alone

by Maggie Whitley | published on April 15, 2020

Cautious, diverse, single, vigilant observers

sweat emoji to represent the going it alone segment of consumers

If life was tricky before, it is much harder now. This group tends towards single parents with limited activities and very real worries about financial instability.

This group has the second highest Midwest population and is the most diverse. Many have experienced life changes due to COVID-19, mostly cancelled travel plans and higher household purchases. They have children in the home but over one-third are single, so they may have to plan ahead to provide for their household.

This group is reducing costs by making major shopping and behavior changes and expects these actions to persist.

collage of social media posts that demonstrate going at it alone during COVID-19

@supertreesa, @elisarising, @fitprisonwife@itstarekali

They are being cautious with their spending and planned activities, waiting to see how things play out. This segment is very concerned about the financial impact of COVID-19 and expects major shopping and behavior changes, especially hand washing, to continue.

  • Habit changes: "[A year from now] I will be sure to have cleaning supplies and canned goods stocked up."
  • Biggest concern: "The high-risk people!!! Old people and everyone that got contagious can get contagious again and again if there is no caution."

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