Segment 1: Nonchalant

by Maggie Whitley | published on April 15, 2020

S'all good, resolute optimists, mature rebels

sunglasses emoji to represent the nonchalant  segment of consumers

Thus far, this segment has been the least impacted — they are not working from home and are not likely to have children staying in the house.

These consumers are most likely to be retired (40% over 55) and least likely to report daily habit changes. Very few have a job where they are now working from home or have children staying home due to COVID-19. Additionally, they have a slightly higher rate of divorce, so may they be living alone or with children only part-time.

This group may feel that people are overreacting. They feel any economic downturn will resolve within a couple of months and, if anything, now is the time to invest.

collage of social media posts showing nonchalant feeling during COVID-19
@rongauthier63, @usmcflaco, @BrigidWD, Rolling Stone: Why Don’t More Boomers Care About Coronavirus?

They do not expect their spending to change and nearly all think the economic downturn won't last more than a few months. They are largely unconcerned and some are even investing more, perhaps due to higher liquidity or flexibility with their spending. They have the second highest incomes with 31% earning over $100K. They are more likely than other segments to indicate they will continue shopping in stores and assume things will go back to normal with little-to-no change in behaviors.

  • Habit changes: "I have not changed anything. I hope the gym opens sometime soon."
  • Biggest concern: "The way people are reacting to the whole situation. It's like everyone has gone crazy at the same time and are all in panic mode."

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