Streamline insights with Qualtrics integration for Bellomy analytics tools

by Matt Gullett | published on January, 2024

In the world of market research, data is king. But even the most in-depth and informative of data can find itself locked away in silos, limiting its potential to inform and drive strategic decision-making. 

At Bellomy, we’re constantly seeking pragmatic solutions to liberate data and enhance its utility for our clients. I’m excited to share with you a significant step forward in this quest: the seamless integration of Qualtrics survey results with the Bellomy Research Cloud, including the AI Analytics for Text suite of tools. This feature eliminates the cumbersome download/upload exercise for an easy function that can be fully automated. 



Why does it matter? Let’s break it down.

Bellomy's AI Analytics for Text isn't just a buzzword-laden add-on; it's a powerhouse of deep learning and generative AI technology. We're talking about a suite that's pushing the boundaries of what's possible in data analysis, offering not just descriptive insights but also predictive and prescriptive analytics. This means that our clients using the Research Cloud can not only understand the “what” and “why” behind their data but also forecast future trends and receive recommendations on the best courses of action.

Our Research Cloud (which houses AI Analytics for Text) is designed to put these advanced tools directly into the hands of users. By integrating with Qualtrics, we're streamlining the process of importing survey data into our system, where it can then be processed, analyzed, and visualized through our comprehensive suite of tools. Whether you're dashboarding, querying, or delving into text analytics, the process is intuitive and the insights are actionable.

Data trapped in a single ecosystem is like a library without a door – full of knowledge that’s inaccessible and, therefore, underutilized. By enabling easy integration with Qualtrics, we open the door and also expand the library. The result? A wealth of information that was once limited by the capabilities of a single platform can now be combined with the robust, industry-leading functionality of Bellomy's suite. This means more angles of analysis, richer insights, and ultimately, a greater impact on your business strategies.

Integration continues Bellomy mission to equip researchers with the tools they need 

The integration of Qualtrics with our AI Analytics suite is more than just a new feature. It's a statement of our commitment to practical, no-nonsense innovation that directly addresses the challenges faced by market researchers. We're not here to dazzle with jargon or overblown promises. Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need to make informed, data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.

We’re excited for our clients to experience this new level of synergy between survey data and advanced analytics. At Bellomy, we believe that when research and technology come together seamlessly, the possibilities are limitless.

Matt Gullett, Bellomy’s SVP of Insights Technology, is a driving force behind Bellomy AI Analytics for TextAn employee of more than 20 years, he loves thinking and writing about AI. 

Disclaimer: There is no affiliation between Bellomy and Qualtrics. The Bellomy integration is achieved with an API that Qualtrics makes available to the public.